Local Ecommerce in Pakistan Episode 1

Local Ecommerce in Pakistan Episode 1


 If you want to learn local e-commerce in Pakistan and looking forward to starting a career in local e-commerce in Pakistan then this podcast is for you. In order to start e-commerce and earn in local e-commerce, you need to learn certain skills. In this video, it has been explained how you can make a career in the e-commerce field.

How digital marketing, e-commerce, graphic designing. freelancing, amazon selling and Shopify store e-commerce along with Shopify dropshipping is changing the lives of many students.

Obaid Arshad from Ginkgo Retail, a software for ERP and Ecommerce interlink and Omni channel selling, expressed his views and interest in how local e-commerce can change the lives of many people. How in just 3 years he started his journey in e-commerce and now he is CEO of a local e-commerce solution-providing company.

Omer Mubeen along with Team deployers including Zakria Fawad, Haider Ahmed Qazi, and Muhammad Ahmed has started an institution for Local e-commerce learning platform that will help people to understand and learn the core skills of digital marketing, performance marketing, and awareness of local e-commerce.

After Amazon banned Pakistani accounts, it's the best time to learn local e-commerce so that students can save their money and start their own online businesses.

This podcast will explain how one can get benefit from learning about local e-commerce and digital marketing in Pakistan. #LocalEcommerce #DigitalMarketing #OnlineEarning #GinkgoRetail #Deployers #HaiderAhmedQazi #OmerMubeen #ZakriaFawad #MuhammadAhmed #Seminar #OnlineLEarning

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