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History of Deployers:

Next big thing now days in ecommerce in Pakistan is only local ecommerce. The demand is rising for Local ecommerce and aspirants are moving to learn from Pakistan to Pakistan and rest of the world selling through own ecommerce platform.

When Amazon banned the 13,000+ accounts of Pakistani sellers in which mostly were those who put their every savings on the line in order to start their own ecommerce business, Pakistan's young entrepreneurs and small business owners became hopeless to start anything in ecommerce field.

This was the time when nobody knows that local ecommerce market which is not only booming, but also serving millions of rupees revenue from just a single niche startup on local ecommerce.

At this time, the local ecommerce industry veterans Omer Mubeen and Haider Ahmed Qazi stood up and started a venture Deployers.pk in order to enhance the awareness of local ecommerce in Pakistan.

Both were already sharing the knowledge of local ecommerce to their students via online classes and physicals meetups and through their trainings, already multi head of ecommerce are already settled in top Pakistani brands like Saya, Chase Up etc. Initially they were supporting aspirants to fill the market gaps and get good salary jobs in the corporate.

But soon after the failure of institutes to train for amazon selling, the demand of local ecommerce got increased and they started a venture called deployers.pk.

Commercial Launch:

The first success of deployers.pk was in the form of joining Mr Zakria Fawad as a cofounder to Deployers. Zakria Fawad has vast experience in brand lifting. Through the combination of Zakria, Omer and Haider, deployers was launched commercially with Malik Sajid Riaz heading the trainings department. First training were completely online and students were offered classes on online platforms and through 1-1 coaching.

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Events of Deployers: 

Through the combo chain reaction of 3 Men Team, deployers went into another level of journey and the time came when commercial launch of deployers.pk came into being and they held a massive event in PC Lahore in August 22.

Through this event, deployers.pk was launched and physical as well as online sessions finally started under the umbrella of deployers.pk

With the passage of time, deplorers held back to back 2 more successful events. One was in Islamabad Ramada Hotel in October 22 and next was in Multan in November 22.

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Response of Aspirants:

The response and thirst for local ecommerce reached another level after successful events and deployers launched online session free of cost for aspirants who want to have grip on local ecommerce in Pakistan. Currently they have trained almost 600+ students via physical and online sessions.

Views of Government Sector About Deployers:

On successful launch of Local Ecommerce event in PC Lahore, IT Minister Dr. Arslan Khalid expresses that I am seeing a very bright future of youth of Pakistan because platforms like deployers are here to serve you and train you. He also said that:

 "They way deployers.pk is conduction these sessions is absolutely miraculous.".

 Senator Ijaz Cahudhry from PTI was also Chief Guest and Zain Qureshi MPA Punjab Assembly, son of Shah Mehmood Qureshi also send a video message for youth of Pakistan and submitted their best wishes for Deployers.pk.

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Private Sector Partners of Deployers: 

After the successful launch, deployers.pk team went to set their mission and vision to empower youth with even more energy.

 A large number of partners joined deployers.pk journey and spreading local ecommerce awareness sessions in which Gingko retail, ovee labs, OPay, Beyond East, Mehmood Group, Dankash, Daraz, PBIT, Plan 9, CPC, Facebook, Dial Zero, Daraz University, Trax Logistics, social bakers and many more also participated in the journey of deployers.pk.

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Vision of Deployers:

Deploy Pakistani made Local Ecommerce brands & platforms in the international markets to boost e-exports for Pakistan.

Mission of Deployers:

To successfully establish 1 million+ local ecommerce platforms so that our local industry can grow to the level of extend of selling local products into international market from Pakistan ecommerce platforms.

International Market Capture:

Taking this vision and mission, deployers cofounder, Omer Mubeen, Zakria Fawad and Haider Ahmed Qazi are empowering youth to become self sufficient and start their own e business in Pakistan which will not only uplift the local ecommerce landscape and business in Pakistan but also enhance the local productivity to that level that it start exporting to international markets.

Business Sector View About Deployers:

Khawaja Jawad, Director of Mehmood Group who recently started Beyond East, was invited as Chief Guest in Deployers.pk Local Ecommerce event in Pakistan. Through beyond east, Khawaja Sb shared his experience of how Omer Mubeen lifted their ecommerce sales in Local Ecommerce Market in Pakistan that was even more than their retail offline shops sales.

He also expressed that:

"I see no other better than Deployers.pk to know the Local Ecommerce landscape more and deeper in Pakistan".

Connected Pakistan Views about Deployers:

Syed Arslan Ali Shah CEO of Connected Pakistan, Tanveer Nadla, Islamail blogger, Asber Ali and many more gems from Freelancing industry of Pakistan joined the event and expressed their wishes fro deployers.pk. By looking at the students responses, the energy level of deployers team, management and event highlights, people are accepting and praising deployers.pk a lot and considering it as a game changer in Pakistan.

Upcoming events of Deployers:

The upcoming plans of deployers.pk are quite aggressive. They have already announced their new session which will going to be held in Karachi which has possibility in January 2023. Karachi is a big market and local e-commerce is at extreme level in Karachi.

Corporate Training of Deployers:

Multiple corporate companies are awaiting for their sessions and asking them for their services as the local industry is struggling for right skills and agencies to serve them. This also open the door of deployers to expand their services at corporate trainings and digital marketing services which they might launch very soon.

Location of Deployers:


You can find Deployers head office in Lahore at following direction and address:

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