One Month Online Course Outline With EC

One Month Course (Online Training):

  • Local Ecommerce in Detail: 2 classes
  • Digital Marketing: 2 classes
  • Shopify and Web Development: 2 classes
  • Sourcing of Local Inventory: 2 classes
  • Operations and Logistics of Ecommerce: 2 classes
  • How to Make a Local Ecommerce Brand: 2 classes
  • Total: 18 classes (3 classes per week)
  • Fees - 30,000/-



    Class 1: Introduction to eCommerce:

    • Overview of eCommerce and its impact on local businesses
    • Types of eCommerce businesses (B2B, B2C, C2C)
    • Understanding the customer journey in eCommerce

    Class 2: Analyzing and Improving eCommerce Performance:

    • Understanding key metrics in eCommerce (traffic, conversion rate, average order value)
    • Using tools to analyze website performance (Google Analytics, Hotjar)
    • Improving customer experience through A/B testing
    • Strategies for scaling and growing an eCommerce business.



      Class 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing:

      • Overview of digital marketing and its impact on businesses
      • Understanding the customer journey in digital marketing
      • Types of digital marketing channels (search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.)
      • Setting up a digital marketing strategy

      Class 2: Social Media Marketing:

      • Overview of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
      • Creating a social media strategy and content plan
      • Utilizing paid advertising on social media (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.)
      • Measuring the success of social media marketing campaigns




          Class 1: Introduction to Shopify and Web Development:

          • Overview of Shopify and its features
          • Overview of web development and its importance in eCommerce
          • Types of websites and their use cases
          • Setting up a Shopify account and familiarizing with the interface

          Class 2: Building a Shopify Website:

          • Customizing the theme and adding products, descriptions, and images
          • Setting up payment and shipping options
          • Creating pages and navigation menus
          • Adding functionality through Shopify apps




              Class 1: Introduction to Sourcing and Product Selection:

              • Overview of sourcing and its importance in business
              • Types of sourcing (domestic vs. international, direct vs. indirect)
              • Understanding the product development process
              • Key considerations in product selection (cost, quality, lead time, etc.)

              Class 2: Sourcing Strategies and Negotiations:

              • Developing a sourcing strategy and identifying potential suppliers
              • Evaluating and selecting suppliers
              • Negotiating with suppliers (pricing, payment terms, etc.)
              • Building and maintaining supplier relationships.



              Class 1: Introduction to Ecommerce Logistics:

              • Overview of ecommerce logistics and its importance in online retail
              • Types of ecommerce shipping (direct-to-consumer, B2B, etc.)
              • Understanding the customer journey in ecommerce logistics
              • Key considerations in ecommerce shipping (cost, speed, reliability, etc.)

              Class 2: Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment Strategies:

              • Developing an ecommerce shipping strategy and selecting carriers
              • Understanding ecommerce fulfillment options (in-house, third-party, etc.)
              • Utilizing shipping software and automation tools
              • Managing returns and reverse logistics in ecommerce.



              Class 1: Introduction to Ecommerce Branding:

              • Overview of ecommerce branding and its importance in online retail
              • Understanding the elements of a brand (mission, vision, values, etc.)
              • Key considerations in ecommerce branding (differentiation, consistency, etc.)
              • Developing a brand strategy for an ecommerce business.

              Class 2: Building and Growing an Ecommerce Brand:

              • Creating a brand identity (logo, packaging, etc.)
              • Building a brand presence online (website, social media, etc.)
              • Utilizing content marketing and influencer marketing to build brand awareness
              • Measuring the success of brand-building efforts.

              CLASS SCHEDULE OF BATCH 1-(A)


              Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
              Week 1 Local Ecommerce in Detail Class 1 Shopify and Web Development Class 1 Digital Marketing Class 1
              Week 2 Shopify and Web Development Class 2 Local Ecommerce in Detail Class 2 How to Make a Local Ecommerce Brand Class 1
              Week 3 Digital Marketing Class 2 How to Make a Local Ecommerce Brand Class 2 Sourcing of Local Inventory Class 1
              Week 4 Sourcing of Local Inventory Class 2 Ecommerce Logistics Class 1 Ecommerce Logistics Class 2

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