One Month Course of Ai by Deployers

Ai Course in Pakistan

One Month Course (Ai Training):

  • Total: 12 classes.
  • Fees - 30,000/-

    Classes Starting from: (Fri) 28th July
    (On Campus + Online)


     AI Empowered: Unleashing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce and the Corporate World.

    I. Introduction to AI in Ecommerce

    A. Understanding the role of AI in transforming the eCommerce industry
    B. Exploring the benefits and challenges of AI implementation
    C. Overview of AI technologies and tools used in eCommerce

    II. AI in Marketing

    A. Leveraging AI for customer segmentation and targeting
    B. AI-driven personalisation and recommendation engines
    C. Optimising marketing campaigns using AI analytics and insights

    III. AI in Graphic Designing and Creativeness

    A. Introduction to AI-powered graphic design tools
    B. Creating visually appealing designs with AI assistance
    C. Exploring AI-generated creative ideas and concepts

    IV. AI for Content Creation

    A. Utilising AI for content generation and automation
    B. Enhancing content quality with AI-driven editing and proofreading
    C. AI-powered content optimisation for improved engagement and conversions

    V. AI for Sound and Music

    A. AI applications in music composition and generation
    B. Enhancing sound quality using AI algorithms
    C. AI-driven music recommendation systems

    VI. AI for Campaigns and Advertising

    A. AI-based ad targeting and optimisation
    B. Automating ad campaign management with AI tools
    C. Analysing campaign performance using AI-powered analytics

    VII. AI for Website Development and Layouts

    A. AI-driven website design and customization
    B. Optimising user experience with AI-powered website layouts
    C. AI-based website testing and optimisation techniques

    VIII. AI for SEO and Search Optimisation

    A. Using AI algorithms to improve search engine rankings
    B. AI-powered keyword research and content optimisation
    C. AI-driven SEO analytics and reporting

    IX. AI for Meme Creation and Reels

    A. Creating memes and viral content using AI tools
    B. AI-driven video editing and effects for social media reels
    C. Analysing trends and engagement metrics with AI algorithms

    X. AI for Videos and Social Media Posts

    A. AI-based video editing and post-production techniques
    B. Enhancing social media posts with AI-generated visuals and captions
    C. AI-powered video analytics for performance tracking

    XI. AI for Presentations and Communication

    A. Creating dynamic and engaging presentations with AI assistance
    B. AI-powered speech recognition and natural language processing
    C. Using AI chatbots for interactive and personalised presentations

    XII. AI for Data Analysis and Excel Sheets

    A. Automating data analysis using AI algorithms
    B. AI-driven predictive modeling and forecasting in Excel
    C. Enhancing data visualisation and reporting with AI tools

    XIII. AI for Chatbot Development and Customer Support

    A. Introduction to AI chatbot frameworks and platforms
    B. Designing conversational chatbots with AI capabilities
    C. AI-driven customer support and problem-solving


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