PC Lahore Event by Deployers

PC Lahore Event by Deployers


Issue with getting the right Jobs:

Pakistan is almost producing 4 lac plus annual graduates in the market who are desperately looking for jobs. Due to political instability business and economic conditions of the country is not supporting these graduates with extra jobs.

This scenario is either resulting in brain drain and make skilled labor available at minimum wages with high productivity demand. This results in low income and less work life balance.

Inflation and increased rate of unemployment in Country:

With the current challenges in the country. This is the high time to explore and master the e-commerce business opportunities.

Country unemployment rate is jumping at record high and even after getting higher education, youth of Pakistan is wondering jobless around. Their energy is utilized under apps like tik tok or games like PUB G which results in zero productivity in the end and in experience workforce.

In order to cater that we need to have a look at growing work from home and freelancing industry. Pakistan is ranking at 4th highest freelancers in the world who are serving around the world despite of challenges like Paypal and inability to cash the online payment from across the globe.

Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$7,666.00m in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2025) of 6.09%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$9,153.00m by 2025. (As per the studies by market forecast)

E-commerce has recently emerged into a marketplace that is providing immense business opportunities to earn and excel within a short span of time a little bit of skill.

Reasons to focus on Local E-Commerce:

Considering this and potential of ecommerce market, which is growing at very fast pace, there is a need of Local ecommerce platforms to get established and have business onboard on online platforms.

 Platforms like International drop shipping, Amazon, eBay etc. require investments in millions which is why Local E-commerce becomes the best choice to start with minimum investment.

Why should one opt for local ecommerce market ? Its because you don’t have to pay rents and furnish your shops. You just need to start from basic knowledge and your shop is one for whole world.

Encouraging Business and producing Entrepreneurs:

Purpose of this event is a mission to encourage business in the country as rather than loosing hopes and energy due to unemployment we can re-direct that energy into learning some productive skills and utilizing those skills to create business and earning opportunities.

The more mistakes you make locally, the more grip you have for international market exposure and you will shine for ecommerce earning from beyond borders.

Pakistan's e-commerce market size posted a growth of over 35 percent in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021 to Rs96 billion compared to Rs71bn over the corresponding period of last year.

Why Local E-Commerce? 

Because its: 

  • Practical and scalable business model
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Marketing Savy
  • Provides customer insights to improve and excel
  • Faster modes of processing

In order to combat this situation, the local ecommerce GURUs and Ecommerce Leaders are now serving you with ecommerce knowledge. This is the chance to grab the knowledge and move with the pace of world. Get extra knowledge and skills and start career in the industries that are booming.

Omer Mubeen has recently introduced an ecommerce workshop where you can learn and start earning from local ecommerce business.

Contribution in Country’s Economy:

Learn to Earn with us and create a difference in the country.

Introducing Series of Training Events:

After conducting more than 30 training sessions at multiple platforms including universities and other educational forums Mr. Omer Mubeen has launched a series of events on “Local E-Commerce” (which is the need of hour) at Pearl Continental Lahore on 21st August 4, 2022.


WHATSAPP AT 0345-0010089


Mr. Omer Mubeen:

Mr. Omer Mubeen is a highly zealous ‘Digital Marketing & e-Commerce’ expert with more than 10 years of successful professional experience with various e-Commerce, logistics and start-ups organizations.

Omer Mubeen

Mastered and continue to increase the proficiency in all essential digital marketing tools, like Facebook advertising tools & Google Applications.

Mr. Haider Ahmed Qazi:

Haider Ahmed Qazi is widely known as Best head of Ecommerce in Pakistan which even if you write on Google you will find his name on the top. Serving in multiple industries like FMCG, Fashion Retail, Logistics, Start-ups, Fashion Retail, Furniture and Home Fashion, Haider Qazi is serving in ecommerce industry for more than a decade now.

Haider Ahmed Qazi

He is Certified by Facebook and Google and also one and only Pakistani who visited and trained from Alibaba.com while inception of Ecommerce in Pakistan.

He also holds degree of M-Phil and has written thesis in ecommerce with AMOS and SPSS software for data analysis and interpretation.

He has strong grips on website development and have prepared 11 local and international ecommerce website with revenue more than half a billion US dollars.

Haider Qazi also have taught ecommerce in various government and local Universities including Bahria University, COMSATS University and MAJU University. Also have served in KMC, Karachi for Ecommerce Trainings.

His digital marketing case studies have been published by Facebook across the world and he has also secured first position in PLAN 9 Start-up competition for best Ecom Start-up organized by Arfa Kareem IT Tower, Punjab.

Currently he is serving as GM E-commerce in Master Group of Industries.

Mr. Zakria Fawad:

 Zakriya Fawad is Heading Marketing Department at Master Group of Industries. With a career spanning just over a decade, he has been lucky to have gained invaluable experience and exposure on some of the biggest brands of the industry across various industries ranging from Telecom to FMCG and beverages to banking and agriculture and digitally driven brands. Some of the brands that he has had a chance to work on are:

- COCA-COLA: Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Cappy
- NESTLE PAKISTAN: Nido, Milkpak, Nesvita, Bunyad
- WARID TELECOM: Glow, Warid Postpaid

Zakriya Fawad
He is skilled in all aspects of marketing and business plans, from market analysis, strategic planning and development through implementation and evaluation to final execution. Regarded as an entrepreneurial, creative and results oriented leader.

He possess a strong record of developing impactful marketing & communication plans across a portfolio of brands, expanding underdeveloped markets, and building consumer loyalty.

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