Pakistan Ecommerce Success Story - Jahangir Ali - HOD Ecommerce Stylo Group

Pakistan Ecommerce Success Story - Jahangir Ali - HOD Ecommerce Stylo Group

This podcast is a success story of Jahangir Ali who started his career in e-commerce as an executive and officer position. Through his utmost hard work and great leadership under Haider Ahmed Qazi, he successfully learned the vital skills required to become a Head of eCommerce in Pakistan.

Jahangir Ali was an SEO expert in Gul Ahmed. He was an expert in his domain, but he gradually learned skills through the support of  @HaiderAhmedQazi  . It was Jahangir Ali utmost hard work that turned him now a Head of E-commerce position in Stylo Group.

The local ecommerce success story of Jahangir Ali in Pakistan includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Jahangir Ali.
  • Journey From Karachi to Lahore.
  • Is the Ecommerce market of Lahore slow?
  • How E-commerce was standing 2 Years before.
  • Why agencies of E-commerce Performance are losing business?
  • How to produce more Head of E-commerce in Pakistan.
  • Local E-commerce Potential in Pakistan.
  • How E-commerce turned Zero to Hero.
  • Why Punjab employees are more loyal and adapt to learning.
  • How to increase the efficiency of employees?
  • Fashion retail vs Shoe industry eCommerce in Pakistan.
  • WHo is No.1 in the Shoe Ecommerce industry of Pakistan?
  • How much Owners in Lahore E-commerce Businesses are friendly
  • Do Jahangir regret in following career in Local Ecommerce in
  • Can Local e-commerce can make an individual from zero to her
  • Conclusive remarks on Local E-commerce Success.

You can watch the complete video below:

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