How to Ship your Products in USA and International Markets

How to Ship your Products in USA and International Markets

You will learn the following:

  • Highlights
  • Introduction to the Topic.
  • Introduction of Guest.
  • Farukh Gulraiz and Pakistan Ecommerce Solutions.
  • Example of Facilitation to give Investment to Local Brands.
  • Z say Jewellery success example.
  • Engaging investors to local e-commerce brands.
  • How local e-commerce owners can get benefits from PECS.
  • Scents and Stories Success example in Pakistan.
  • Supply chain and Shipments to international countries.
  • How to start a business in Pakistan without risk.
  • How to ship products internationally.
  • How to contact PECS for solutions.
  • Potential of local brands to grow global. Example of Salt.
  • Difference of Local Logistics companies.
  • What is Last mile, 3PL and overland delivery in Pakistan.
  • Reason of Failure of TCS Hazir.
  • Conclusive Remarks


This podcast is for those who are looking to learn local e-commerce in Pakistan. If you want to start your e-commerce brand in Pakistan and wish to start local e-commerce business in Pakistan then this video is for you. In this podcast, we have requested Farukh Gulraiz, a famous name in the e-commerce and logistics industry of e-commerce in Pakistan. Farukh is currently running Pakistan e-commerce solutions.

He is CEO and founder of Pakistan E-commerce Solutions. Farukh explained how you can uplift the brand from just a single website. In this podcast video, Mr Farukh explained how a brand can start an e-commerce platform and through the help of data, he can then flourish with the expansion of the physical retail business.

After achieving that, he can easily expand globally. He also provides complete guidelines and assistance of how to take your brand global and sell in the international markets.

If you want to learn which courier and logistics company is better in Pakistan, what are the pros and cons of each logistic company in Pakistan and also want to learn which e-commerce logistic company will benefit you most then this video is for you. Farukh also explained the terminologies used in the e-commerce industry that you can differentiate what is 3PL logistics, what is last mile logistics and what is the difference of express delivery and overland delivery in Pakistan.

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